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A HDMI -> DVI-D cable can be used to connect to an DVI-D(HDCP) source. PS3, X360 Elite, HD-DVD players, Blu-Ray players, HDMI graphics card and the latest Featuring a smart reset switch so you will never have to unplug and replug 

Im having a problem, my PS3 HDMI was working fine until today. I have the LG W2361V monitor (using 1080p) which is being used for both PC and PS3 (PC using DVI port and PS3 using HDMI port). The dvi to hdmi problems UGREEN HDMI to DVI Cable Bi Directional DVI-D 24+1 Male to HDMI Male High Speed Adapter Cable Support 1080P Full HD for Raspberry Pi, Roku, Xbox One, PS4 PS3, Graphics Card, Nintendo Switch etc 4.5 out of 5 stars 249 PS3 with DVI to HDMI (problem) - Gaming - GTAForums I want to get a PS3 but my HD TV has no HDMI input, just a DVI, I want to know if I need a new TV or is it still possible to use a HDMI to DVI adaptor, I heard you get problems with the sound and stuff. HDMI Problem : PS3 Up until a few weeks ago it presented no issues. After the HDMI cable was unplugged from the PS3 to connect a laptop, when reconnected, the PS3 no longer displays video via HDMI. The problem doesn't appear to exist with the TV or the cable; other cables, laptops, an Xbox and a cable box have been tested and all work fine with the TV. The TV

I am also having a very complicated problem in my PS3 ,once I connected my PS3 to my monitor using a DVI in cord to HDMI ,after that I tried to connect my PS3 to TV using av it does not work.i also tried HDMI on other TV also ,my controller is also not catching signal please help me out ,please tell me what is the problem and how can I fix it PS3: HDMI Picture Problems - The PS3 is compatible with HDMI version 1.3 or higher, which will take full advantage of Blu-ray Disc™ high-definition video. There are also "Type A" and "Type B" connectors. The PS3 uses the 19-pin Type A connector, which will allow resolutions up to 1080p. The HDMI cable is not included with the PS3. DVI-D - HDMI-Adapter Probleme - Hallo, liebe werweisswas-Community! Ich habe ein Problem, was meinen Monitor, einen LG Flatron E2240 angeht. Ich möchte an diesem mithilfe eines HDMI zu DVI Adapter eine Wii U anschließen. Das funktioniert aber nicht so wie es soll. Ich bekomme kein Bild, der Monitor flimmert immer zwischen 2 Bildern.(einmal schwarz und einmal eine HDMI DVI mit Adapter verbinden - Darauf bitte achten!

9 Sep 2012 my PS3, I bought an HDMI to DVI-I adapter (the only one in store). The problem is that it doesn't get detected by my laptop through the HDMI  HDMI Switch PC/PS3 only works properly when PS3 is on | Tom's but you could buy something like this to switch your hdmi to dvi, the only issue depending on your monitor is you would have to switch the input  Hdmi--->Dvi No Signal On Monitor - General Discussion - Roxio Problem: Monitor picks up no [digital] signal. So WTF, why won't it send a signal via regular HDMI to DVI?.. Power off the PlayStation 3. UGREEN HDMI DVI Adaptor DVI 24 + 1 Adaptor HDMI with

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PS3 HDMI to VGA problem? : PS3 Ahh, just saw this. It will be substantially easier just to plug the PC in using VGA than to adapt the PS3 to use that port. HDMI and DVI are electrically compatible, and can be changed with a simple adapter, or HDMI to DVI cable. HDMI to VGA is a whole other ball of wax. PS3 HDMI to DVI problem - Page 2 Re: PS3 HDMI to DVI problem Reset the output from the PS3 (hold down 'on' on the console till it beeps again, connect a controller, press x, wait till you see something). I have to do that every so often if I turn the ps3 on before the monitor (pretty crummy I know!). HDMI to DVI ps3, Problem? | Yahoo Answers Now connect your HDMI/DVI cable to the PS3 and with the TV. DON'T CHANGE THE OUTPUT! Scroll over to "Settings" on the XMB and then choose "Display Settings". Here you'll be given a different selection of ways that you can connect your PS3 and your TV. Choose HDMI (I think its at the top). Now change your output of your TV to DVI.

Dobrý den, mám grafiku Radeon 2600Pro AGP. Koupil jsem si redukci DVI ->HDMI a přes HDMI kabel připojil k monitoru. Rád bych používal rozlišení 1920x1080 ale při tomto rozlišení se obraz úplně rozhod